An interview with professional musician Chris Whittington

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Love Again: Remorse and Paradise

    Sunday Afternoon Remorse and Paradise Found In my song, “Love Again”, I wanted to convey the entire spectrum of man’s experience. A lofty goal, for sure, but a simple one. In examining this idea, we find Adam, the first man, created by God for good works and placed in a beautiful, verdant garden. […]

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Love Is Come Video

  This is the first video production from the Bright Portal EP. I worked with some of the best texas musicians and creatives. It was filmed at Warehouse Live and on the streets of Houston. What a great experience to see this come together with friends Kemper Crabb, Chuck Dotson, Fletch Wiley, and Larry R […]

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Loquaciousness and The Cross

As early as five years old, I remember talking to God. I don’t offer this as anything remarkable. Some would explain my habit as mere youthful reaction to our family’s routine attendance of Mass. The truth is God had mercifully called me into a relationship with Him, something He initiates for people beginning at all […]

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